Boost your Brain with Acupuncture

A tranquil, relaxed and disciplined mind works much better in reading and examinations. Discover the most effective way to sharpen your memory and improve your concentration.

According to acupuncture and Oriental medicine the spirit (Shen) embodies consciousness, emotions and thought. Shen influences long-term memory and the ability to think clearly, contributes to wisdom and presides over activities that involve mental and creative functions. When the mind is healthy, we are able to think clearly. When the mind is unhealthy or unbalanced we experience confusion, poor memory, and clouded thinking.

A healthy mind involves harmony between the brain and the spirit (Shen). Disharmony of the mind often manifests as anxiety, insomnia, muddled thinking, forgetfulness and chronic restlessness. Acupuncture, as well as physical exercises and the right foods, can balance and strengthen the mind. 

Acupuncture improves the functioning of the mind with a holistic approach, increasing targeted thinking and concentration while reducing anxiety, and hyperactivity. It also helps in the management of mood and emotion, giving us a feeling of wellness. 

To enhance general learning Oriental medicine focuses on improving the flow of Qi to the brain, regulation of information processing and response to external stimuli.
A few sessions of acupuncture and Ear Acupuncture in conjunction with a healthy diet will
increase your performance, concentration, cognitive skills and memory. Your mind will sharpen and the body will be calmed

Good nutrition can help boost your brain power. Not only is it essential to overall physical health, it can also enhance the function and harmony of the mind. The right foods enhance brain function by providing essential nutrients such as flavonoids, Omega 3s, vitamins, folate and iron that are great for improving the quality and quantity of learning capacity, cognitive abilities, memory and overall brain function. You can enhance your brain's health and function by including blueberries, fish, leafy green vegetables, seeds, nuts, and whole grains in your diet.